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Kaitlin & Michael, a Winter Wedding at the Ceresville Mansion

Kaitlin and Michael had a very intimate wedding with only the nearest and dearest in attendance. Held at the beginning of February it was quite cold, but the light from that day was magical and well worth braving the frigid out doors. This was the first time I had been to Ceresville Mansion. The grounds are gorgeous and  the mansion was filled with charm. Antique mirrors, timeless architectural elements and vintage floral patterns were in abundance. This very much suited Kaitlin and Micheal’s classic style. Such a sweet couple! This was a perfect wedding to start off my wedding season this year.

Thank you, Kaitlin and Michael, for letting me document your special day!

~Elisha Maria

Jill Canady - Miss Elisha…What a talented lady you are! These pictures are breath-taking…and take me right back to all the memories of Kaitlin and Michael’s wedding day. What a special day it was for our family! Thank you for all of your hard work…and for being part of this grand event! Continued success in all you do! Jill CanadyMarch 11, 2013 – 6:45 am

Kaitlin Canady - Thank you so much Elisha! You are so talented and captured these moments so perfectly!! :) XOXO Kaitlin & MichaelMarch 10, 2013 – 10:41 am

Branding Inspiration Part two

We live in an age of constant change. It’s not easy, but it’s good for us. Stepping back and taking inventory is something we do as artists and business owners regularly. I think of the lyrics from Landslide: “Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides?  Can I handle the seasons of my life?”  We redefine, re-invent and come out stronger, smarter and more experienced. The results of inward reflection are marvelous.

Some more of the images we used as inspiration:

As time passes and Love Life Images continues to grow, we remain grounded in our unwavering standard of excellence. Our invaluable experience enables us to remove the trial and error from your special day and provide you with a sophisticated and seamless wedding experience. Our mission is to focus on the unique nature of your love, and translate those details into a set of glamorously polished images.

Our identity harkens back to signage from the turn of the century, channeling the class and trustworthiness of well-established brands like Brooks Brothers and Chanel. Its embellishments encompass the kind of fine detail we prize, and the couture elegance that allows our work to flourish.

Our typography is meant to feel refined and glamorous. Our polished approach allows our vision to shine through and your love to remain paramount.

We want our clients to know that we are reliable and accomplished. Our ever-growing experience and boundless vision allow us to provide not only excellent photos, but a couture wedding experience that is timelessly tailored especially to you.


Here are a few versions of the new logo, there is still more to come:

New logo, new branding on the horizon for Love Life Images

Our blogging typically slows this time of year, but this winter we’ve been particularly quiet. But by no means has that been because we haven’t been busy. In the background, there have been a ton of changes (more on that later). We’re getting ready to launch new branding including a new logo and website. It’s been a ton of work and a lot of soul searching to find the brand that really tells the story about who we are and what we do. It’s a process that takes time. It cannot be rushed and every step is important to take purposely and thoughtfully. I’ve been using some alternative versions of the logo in our watermarked images, but I haven’t released the full version of the brand yet, that comes shortly. In the meantime, I thought you might like to understand where the inspiration for our new branding came from.

I love everything about Adele. I love her timeless, elegant sophisticated beauty. I love her soulful, rich mesmerizing voice. Her simply elegant, New York, London city style is enchanting. It speaks to me.


Colors come and go, but pink has stayed with me through many different shades and has represented very different times in my life. My previous raspberry/hot pink is replaced by a more subtle, elegant shade that is paired with brown and grey and metallic.

designer color palettes


Stay tuned for some new blog posts about the brand in the next few weeks.

Announcing an Unplugged Retreat for Creatives

Unplugged Creative Workshop for Artists by Love Life Images and Jennifer Domenick
These days I find it harder to escape from technology and the demands of a world
infused with information. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, phone calls, text
messages, all do a great job of keeping us connected in new and exciting ways, but
what about connecting with yourself? Are you just trudging along in your work
without real focus and creativity? Does your work come from your inner creative
or from the constant pressure to produce? Creatives need time to allow their
creativity to flourish, breathe and present itself. When we disconnect from the buzz
of daily life, we give ourselves a chance to reconnect with our creative drive. Ever
find that your best ideas come in the shower, while you are driving or right before
you fall asleep? These are the little moments when, surrounded by silence, our
minds have the chance to roam freely. What if, instead of a few moments, you had
two days to let your creative mind speak? How many answers, ideas, inspirations
would you find in those two days?

I’d love for you to join me in a unplugged retreat to give yourself the opportunity
to recharge. Yoga, hiking, creative workshops, spa time and wholesome eating in
a natural and tranquil environment will help you gain balance, perspective and
piece of mind. Capon Springs is a place that gives individuals the freedom and
permission they need to truly unplug and decompress. We’ll reconnect with our
creative mind through writing exercises, sensory exploration, and connected
conversation. You will return to your daily life with energy, inspiration, and a
refreshed approach to a balanced life in the digital age.

Cost for the Retreat: $250 per participant. Does not include room, travel or
spa services.

Schedule of Events: Arrival time is Monday 5/6/2013 between 2PM and 5PM
with an official welcome at 5:15PM. The retreat ends on Wednesday 5/8/2013 at
3PM. In between those times you will be invited to participate in creative
exercises, yoga, hiking, and spa time. Some activities are in groups and others will
be on your own. We’ll meet formally as a group for two creative exercise sessions.

Why hold the retreat at Capon Springs? The draw of this unique resort is
in its simplicity. Their focus on “back to basics” creates an atmosphere of
peacefulness and true rejuvenation. Family owned for years, their dedication to
their guests is not because it’s “good customer service,” but because they see their
guests as an extension of their own family. Tucked away in the mountains of West
Virginia, Capon Springs is part summer camp, part mountain resort with family–
style made-from-scratch meals meant to nourish your body and soul – not fancy,
just real. Capon’s on-site Spa offers soaking tubs filled with fresh mountain-
spring water to rejuvenate your body. Hiking paths wind up the mountain for a
scenic overlook or through the pine forest and past an old stone wall tucked in
the woods. A serene yoga room below the spa will be the site for our private yoga
classes and led meditation. The spa has reserved two days just for our group and
has therapists on hand for all their offered services.

From their website: “Capon’s 19th century architecture and town square layout,
combined with our camp-like informal atmosphere, help to create the feeling
that you have somehow stepped back in time to a quieter, gentler era.”

While Capon is a peaceful retreat, it’s campy enough to remind you that being a creative person is work. It is not a cushy, posh hotel but a more down-to earth setting intended to stimulate healing. Check out the website for more details: Capon Springs

What can I expect to get out of this retreat?: Some things you might gain from this experience include: relaxation, rejuvenation, increased focus, increased ability to make decisions, the ability to breathe easier, the opportunity to feel re-energized, a renewed excitement for your craft, a more open mind, a re-commitment to old dreams, an opportunity to create new dreams.

You are a photographer, will we be taking pictures?: No. I will not be leading any photography-driven exercises. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to take photos, but you are also welcome to give yourself a break from your photography.

What is a creative retreat? It’s permission to step back and rekindle your passion for your art. It’s a chance to sit unplugged with your ideas and let them flow. It’s a chance to find the creativity that is uniquely yours through creative exercises in writing, sensory stimulation, and quiet.

Is this a religion-based retreat?:  No. There is no led discussion about religion.

Who will attend?: This retreat was created for all kinds of people – artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, writers, designers or anyone who is driven by their creative spirit.

What kind of room will I stay in?: There is a variety of shared rooms, private rooms with a bath and private rooms with shared bath. All participants are required to stay at the resort.

Are there accommodations for special dietary needs? Yes. The resort is prepared to accomodate you with creative cuisine for anyone. Please let Tom know about these dietary restrictions when you book the room.

How do I sign up?: Fill out this FORM. Contact Capon Springs directly to book your room at reduced rate of $128 per person per night.  That figure includes lodging3 meals daily, all taxes and all gratuities. Contact Tom by calling 304-874-3695 and mention that you are with Jennifer Domenick to book your room. Spa appointments must be booked by 4/25/2013 to guarantee your services.

I am looking forward to connecting with a group of creatives. Please email me with any questions.

Jennifer - Kirsten, I am forever in your debt for leading me to Capon. It is a gem and I hope others come to enjoy it this spring!March 20, 2013 – 3:12 pm

Kirsten - I LOVE capon and it has been my secret getaway and have gone every year with my “now” fiancee and our families. The hygea spa is a must, especially for the baths and aromatherapy. The food however is not soo healthy but is very good:) Moosetracks Ice Cream and Fried Chicken. Enjoy!March 19, 2013 – 10:18 pm

Spring Album Sale!


Spring is just around the corner, and we’d like to welcome it with an album sale!

If you didn’t get a chance to make an album for your wedding this past year, now is the time to order one and save 10-15%!

These quality archival albums are custom designed for each couple with our in-house album designer, Elisha. Having made hundreds of albums over the years, Elisha will make this experience enjoyable and stress free so you walk away with a family heirloom you will treasure for years to come.

Please contact Elisha for more details and pricing,

Love Life!